Lumix SuperLight Crystal Edition

Lumix SuperLight Crystal Edition
  • Elegant color variations

    The meticulously painted candles are hand decorated with 40 Swarovski® crystals This highly exclusive and strictly limited edition combines the most elegant design with state-of-the-art functionality and supreme product quality. Our Crystal edition provides the most exceptional experience for your Christmas tree!

  • Easy clip-on style

    The easy clip-on allows you to decorate the candles quickly and flexibly on your Christmas tree - without the hassle of cables.

  • Lumix SuperLight remote control

    The Lumix SuperLight infrared remote control now offers more comfort and functionality. You can now connect any number of Lumix candles with only one remote channel and simultaneously switch them on and off, or you can operate up to three different Lumix products seperately by using a channel selector switch (A/B/C).

    With the new features you can choose between constant illumination and two flicker modes, or use the 4h timer mode to power off your candles automatically.

    You can now dim your candles in 5 steps or you can combine the Lumen power with the new SuperLight mode.

  • Bright, sparkling LED candles

    The 9 cm long candles with their clear-glass candle flames create a wonderfully festive, sparkling light for the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

    Overall height:
    Lumix SuperLight Crystal mini: 9 cm

  • Long lasting performance

    If used for 4 hours a day, your Lumix Classic Christmas candles will provide Christmas joy for approx. 21 days without any need for battery replacement (stand-by consumption included).

    The SuperLight-mode reduces the battery Life

  • Lumix SuperLight Crystal mini

    Starter-Set Mini

    • 14 candles
    • 1 infrared remote control incl. CR2032 battery
    • 12 Alkaline quality batteries
      Type LR03 / AAA
    • Detailed User Instructions


    Recommended retail price € 99.00

  • Lumix SuperLight Crystal mini

    Extension-Set Mini

    • 7 candles
    • 7 Alkaline quality batteries
      Type LR03 / AAA


    Recommended retail price € 45.00

  • What can I do when individual candles are not switched on or off or do not react when I press the remote control?

    Have the candles initialized when inserting the battery? This is displayed by a steady light. If there is no steady light unscrew the clip with 1 - 2 rotations and screw again. Check whether the battery in the respective candle was inserted correctly. The positive pole must point towards the candle tip. When switching on and off please press the respective remote control button sufficiently long. Perhaps the distance between the remote control and the candles is too long. Move closer to candles and try again. For reaching all candles you can also carry out a rapid “flick of the wrist”: Move the remote control unit from bottom to top or just “trace” the shape of your Christmas tree with it.

  • What is important for purchasing and using the batteries?

    How is the charge status of the batteries in the candles? If the charge status is below approx. 0.9 Volt, the switching signal can no longer be processed. The power consumption of the batteries consists of the operating time plus the standby consumption (candle off, but battery inside). Even when switched off the candles draw minimal current to receive a signal from the remote control. Therefore only insert the batteries when the candles are actually going to be used. Our advice: Always purchase high quality alkaline batteries.

  • Which batteries are required for the candles?

    The big Lumix candles are fitted with AA batteries. For the mini series please use AAA batteries.

  • Which batteries are required for the remote control?

    For the remote control two AAA batteries are required. In normal operation the battery only needs to be replaced after several years, however, please take care to take the batteries out of the remote control for storage after Christmas, as otherwise there is a risk of leakage. An empty battery is easily detected because the LED of the remote control no longer flashes when it is switched on. 

  • Can rechargeable batteries be used as well?

    The candles can in general be operated with rechargeable batteries, but the burn time will strongly depend on the quality of the rechargeable battery. The burn time will normally be shorter than with alkaline batteries!

  • How long will the candles burn?

    Basically the following burn times are possible:
    Candles with AA batteries: Approx. 20 days if used 4 hours a day
    Mini candles with AAA batteries: Approx. 14 days if used 4 hours a day

  • Why are my candles flashing?

    The Lumix candles will begin to flash when battery power is too low. This is our automatic battery changing signal.

  • Can I fit the candles with different “screens” and thus change their color?

    Neither the candle head nor the LEDs themselves can be replaced. The LEDs define the coloring, i.e. no change is possible.

  • How can I extend my set of candles?

    You can extend your existing candles as you wish by adding any starter set or extension set of the same series and operate it with a remote control unit. If you add a starter set, the additional remote control unit is at the same time a reserve device, because all candles can be switched on and off with one remote control unit.

  • How can I connect several sets of candles with one remote control?

    You must then re-initialize all candles. Unscrew the clip with 1-2 rotations and screw it again so that the connection to the battery is interrupted and then switch on again with the corresponding remote control unit.

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